Friday, January 14, 2011

Out to lunch. Back in 3 weeks

Just a reminder. I'm leaving tomorrow and will be gone for the next 3 weeks for my vacation. So if you don't hear anything from me (and you probably won't), that's why. And if you're out of the loop and don't know where I'm going, look at my previous note/post/email. See ya!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Next stop Southeast Asia

The view of Halla Mountain at the center of the island from my apartment building's roof.

Last time I promised more details about my upcoming trip. The biggest news (which I just found out) is that my friend Jason is coming with me. He's extremely relaxed and great fun to hang with. Having him along will definitely make the trip better. It also means double the pictures (I can hear some of your groaning already. Cheer up. More pictures means less words!)

The Provincial Office of Education (POE)

As far as what's actually going to happen, this is the plan. We'll fly into Bangkok late late on the night of Saturday the 15th. We'll take a couple days to explore, then catch a cheap flight to Singapore and repeat. From there we'll take the overnight train to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. After about 2 days there we'll hop back on the train and head North back to Thailand. We'll stop in the Southern region to go to a gorgeous tropical island called Ko Phangan. We'll stay there for 10 days in a beachfront bungalow snorkeling, watching breathtaking sunsets from hammocks, riding elephants, learning to scuba dive, etc. When reality finally drags us back kicking and screaming, we'll catch the train to Bangkok on Friday the 4th to fly back to Jeju.

I don't talk about this on here often but at times I get very lonely and very sad living so far away from everyone I love. The price you pay for the lifestyle i'm currently living is loneliness, cravings for things you can't have and being perpetually outside your comfort zone. The rewards are many but some of the biggest are trips like these. So don't be too mad at me for taking it. I'm paying the price.

A normal street in Jeju-Si (Jeju City)

Now this might sound like a packed schedule but there's a ton of flexibility built into it. That's where I need YOUR HELP (yes YOU). As I've never been to any of these places, suggestions for what to do and see would be awesome. Thanks in advance for the tips. I'm only sad that I can't take more of my friends from back home with me :(

PS. On a small but wonderful note for me in my continuing quest to find my beverage of choice everywhere in the world, I found a website that allows you to buy groceries online and have them shipped to you. They had Dr. Pepper. I ordered 3 12-packs. They sent 3 24-packs!!!! I don't think the smile that gave me will leave my face for a month :D

Once again I must invoke Rule #32 - Enjoy the little things