Sunday, February 7, 2010

Calm before the fun

In order to explain my strange title, let me give you a quick update on my situation. Things have fallen into a fairly stable routine here. I work 6:30am to 7pm tuesday-thursday. At the moment I have friday and monday off, though I'm hoping to pick up a couple classes monday. Now this situation might sound ideal to many or possibly all of you but the current temperature (21) outside and a covering of ice on everything means that these 4 day weekends are mostly spent indoors reading, watching movies and doing other equally useless activities (fortunately I get to play full-court basketball twice a week for several hours or I'd probably go insane).

This is what most of CZ looks like right now (though this was a very pretty day)

However, there is good news coming. Spring will be here in about another month. And as the temperature rises, this city comes alive in amazing fashion. This rejuvenation coincides with several planned visits by family and friends of both Tim and I. In short, spring is looking great!

Summer also looks good but much more questionable. I'm continuing to look at the job in Switzerland but its a tough situation. The director of the program said if I had an EU passport he'd hire me today. However as I don't have one, the task of hiring me is more daunting. He hopes that my Czech work permit is transferable to Switzerland. I don't think it is and its a coin toss at best if he can hire me without that. So would those of you reading this please pray that God will open a way for me to work there this summer! I can probably find other places to go (and I'm looking now to make sure I have a plan B) but this is where my heart is leading me.

And now that i've lost all traces of my manliness with that last sentence, its time to stay up until 4am watching the Superbowl. GO SAINTS!!!!!!

If you want to see why I don't spend much time outside, look at this lovely field that people are walking through. This is a lake.

And here is the proof. Nice high dive huh? I'm about 30ft in front of it

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  1. Love the comment about losing your manliness followed quickly by football talk, though completely not true and utterly stereotypical. :D I won't preach. :)
    Seriously, I can't imagine being in a place that is that cold for that long. I'm assuming full court basketball is indoors. Yes?
    I definitely pray in agreement that God opens that door to switzerland! That would be amazing!!!