Saturday, November 13, 2010

A normal week

Jeju countryside

"Luka teacha, game!" -my students every day

This week has been my easiest and most fun so far. I'm getting used to the hours and energy demands of the job and prep continues to become easier. Monday started things off right. The funniest part was when I was asked to read to the 6th graders for 30 minutes. Read to 6th graders?!?! Are you kidding?? To keep them from being bored out of their minds, i decided to read in every strange voice and accent I know. It worked amazingly well and one of my co-teachers even decided to take pictures. :)

Reading to 6th Grade

Tuesday followed with a couple out-of-control classes. Fortunately, a Modern Jazz festival was in town that night and I was able to attend with a couple friends. It provided a nice contrast to the chaos of the morning.

The rest of the week featured an evening birthday part for one of my friends, a bible study with the christians in my apartment building and some fun with my camera during one of my 4th grade classes.

Before class started

This girl stood on her desk and proclaimed that she would grow up to be a popstar. And I believe her.

Now that the weekend has arrived i've shifted my focus to exploring, lesson planning, vacation planning, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and all the other things that I have neither the time nor energy to do during the week. But its not exclusively a working weekend. I also met up with a friend for dinner, got plenty of sleep and bought a TV (I need it to play xbox). And now to end on a pretty note, I leave you with a panorama of the entrance to one of my two schools.

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