Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Two of my 5th graders. Rambunctious to say the least

Let's begin this update by answering the obvious question that arises from my current location. My first Christmas away from home wasn't as rough as i expected. A bunch of us expats got together and hung out most of the day and kept things pleasant and light. That combined with the facts that I got to talk to a few friends back home and I was able to join the family Christmas via skype made the day a good one (though i am looking forward to being back in Texas for it next year)

A Christmas card that 3 of my 4th graders made for me in another class :D It made my day

This week I've been teaching a winter English camp. It's been easy and quite enjoyable. The kids are well behaved, the activities are interesting and i get home by 2 instead of 5. :)

On a random note, it's been snowing shockingly heavily the last two days here. To commemorate this, we had a massive 40 minute snowball fight with all the kids before beginning the final day of camp. To call it absurdly fun would be a gross understatement. I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day (neither could the children).

For the next week I have a light schedule and the week after that, another English camp (for a different school). Then I'm heading to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia for my 3 week winter vacation!! This will be my first time exploring Asia and I'm enormously excited! I'll have more details in my next update (by then i might even have figured them out) :)

PS. Happy New Year!!!!!

Right before the school play began

Several of my students acting out a local Jeju legend about how a terrible plague was stopped by a courageous villager

School plays are the same everywhere :)

My kids were very excited for our final day snack party, as their work on the blackboard clearly demonstrates

I know its blurry but its the best picture i've got for size comparison. These are not big kids

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