Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ko Phangan

After a short stint in KL it was time to head for the oceans and beaches of Thailand. But instead of taking the normal (read boring) route of flying there, we opted for a day of train travel through Malaysia and Southern Thailand. Unfortunately they were out of sleeper berths, so our first leg of the journey from 9pm to 9am was in normal second class seats. Let's just say i've had better nights. But the second half of our journey made up for it. We bought 3rd class tickets for an 8 hour train ride for $1.83 each. I can't clearly explain why but i loved that train ride because it felt like we were able to touch the heart of the area. However since that sounds corny and I don't have any way to clarify it, just trust me that wooden benches, a hot train car with only open windows for cooling and random food sellers walking through the aisles combined to produce a strikingly pleasurable experience.

We stayed the night in the town of Surat Thani and the next morning headed for Ko Phangan via Ferry and Tuk-Tuk (what is a tuk-tuk you ask. look below)

Once we arrived we happened to meet up with a couple of our friends from Jeju who were leaving the next morning. This was fortuitous since it gave us some good info about the island as well as some excellent company for the evening.

We had 9 days on island. We started at My Way bungalows on Haad Salad (literally Salad Beach). It was "authentic" but extremely small for 2 guys to split, so we opted for a boring but much bigger place with 2 beds next door at the Haad Salad Villas.

I repeat, too small

Our 2nd room turned gorgeous the instant you stepped onto the porch (as you can see)

The next week consisted of some limited exploration, beachside massages (the hut in the picture above was one of those massage places), a couple huge parties (including one that didn't finish until the sun rose) and mostly a lot of beach bumming. We swam every day until we couldn't move, beheld breathtaking beaches, luxuriated in consistently outstanding food from all parts of the globe and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Part of one of the big parties

Unfortunately all good things come to an end and before we knew it we were on our way back to Bangkok for our final day of vacation.

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