Friday, April 15, 2011

Someone needs to teach the Office of Education what the word "orientation" means

The entrance to Jeju National University

Interesting week. Went out a couple evenings, got some unexpected news and spent my lunches teaching a couple of the 1st graders how to throw (a universally important skill for young boys). Teaching the boys how to throw was probably the most fun since they sought me out. And watching their quick progress, I can't help feeling a little proud.

The unexpected news came Wednesday. I learned I will be getting my first look at the 2nd most populous city in the world next Thursday. I have a 6 day orientation (which makes perfect sense since I've been here 6 months) from Friday 22nd until Wednesday the 27th in Seoul. I even convinced them to let me fly in early and leave late so i'll have a little more time to explore. I'm definitely excited for the change of scenery. The only sad part is that they have us busy from 9am-8:30pm each day. Not that this will stop my sightseeing but it will definitely slow me down. Hopefully i'll have some interesting stories from it in my next update.

The gardens of the Jeju Culture and Arts Center

My week definitely ended on a high note friday with 4 of my 5 classes getting canceled for an unannounced (to me anyway) field trip which i was not expected/allowed to attend. This gave me time to lesson plan, research Seoul, catch up on my favorite websites and even take a short nap. I've said it many times before and i'll say it again, you have to enjoy the little things in life.

part of the university campus

And finally, in the
"I have no idea what my shirt means"
category, my skinniest 5th grade boy won today by wearing a shirt that said "My guns are nothing compared to my rocket" with an arrow pointing down. It took me a couple minutes to regain my composure after seeing that. Gotta love Asia.

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