Sunday, May 15, 2011

Everything is fine

One of the roads at Jeju National University

"I make it a point to the thank the Lord, when I got him on the line. I'm feeling good and everything is fine."
- Josh Turner "Everything is Fine"

This update will be short and sweet. School is going well. Had a couple national holidays here during the last two weeks which produced some wonderful R&R. I'm consistently playing basketball and ping pong at least once a week at the university along with various other forms of exercise (like doing pushups while a first grader sits on my back. their idea but a great workout). I even found some other people who play golf and will give that a shot when it warms up a little more.

My students preforming a drum show. It was surprisingly entertain for elementary school. Wish they'd taught us stuff like this when I was a kid!

I also decided to give in to the common Korean practice of teachers giving their cell phone numbers to students and gave it to my small school 6th grade class only. With proper discipline, this hasn't caused any problems. In fact it has provided me with a way to improve the children's English even more outside of school. Plus I get messages like the following one.

"I LOVE YOU! I'm pig :) "

On a random note, I made a friend who lives in Beijing. This of course increases the odds i'll try to get over there despite the steep Visa prices. For now though i'll stick to exploring Jeju and other parts of Korea.

PS. The last picture was the result of me being bored at school and having a little fun with photoshop.

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