Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snorkeling on the south side of Jeju

This last saturday was wonderfully sunny and pretty hot.  For Jason, Tom, Jeb and I it was the perfect day to go snorkeling.  We hopped on a bus in the early afternoon and headed for Wehdlgay on the south side of the island.  When we arrived, we were delighted to find it even hotter and sunnier there.

From the left:  Jeb, Tom, Jason, island

We started by checking out the area from the rocks.  From there we decided to do some low level cliff jumping to enter the water.  Naturally we took pictures while doing this.  First i took shots as the other guys jumped in.  Mine looked like this.

Pretty cool right?

Then i gave the camera to Tom to take a picture of me while i jumped in.  His looked like this.

Try #1: ok that's a failure but at least it's close.  Surely he'll get it right on the next one.

Try #2:  And fail again!  But just look at that butt haha

He sort of got it on try number 3 but i'll spare you any more pictures like the last two for now.  After that we snorkeled around in the pool for a bit before moving out into the more open ocean.  The waves were choppy enough and the water murky enough that we didn't see all that much but it was still a great time.  Got a few more great pictures while sitting on the rocks, waiting for the sun to dry us off.

Jeb and Tom enjoying the view

Tom and Jason shortly after arrival

Chuckling about something

Being guys we then rounded out the day with pizza and a couple hours of basketball down at the public courts.  And we're considering doing it again this weekend and starting early.  Cause 3 hours of snorkeling and 2 more of basketball clearly is not active enough a day!

To that end, tomorrow at my school is Sports Day.  Much like field day where i grew up, sports day is filled with races, tug of war and other fun games.  I'm even being asked to participate in the relay race.  Unlike my field day though, sports day includes marching drum performances and entire school dance numbers.  Only in Korea :)

The view from our drying off seats

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