Friday, September 14, 2012

Buy 2 typhoons, get the 3rd free

 This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  It's an old picture from my trip to Japan that I re-edited and think looks pretty cool.

As the title of this post warns, we have yet another typhoon headed for Jeju.  This is the 3rd one in less than a month.  The first I posted about on here.  Though I think I failed to mention that it was a catagory 1 hurricane when it hit which frankly wasn't that.  And I definitely didn't mention that Vicky and I went out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner in it (we wore water proof/water logged clothing).  And I certainly didn't mention that after we got back, we changed into our bathing suits and met a couple friends at a nearby elementary school and played typhoon soccer, basketball and football outside during the worst of it.

The 2nd one was weak enough that I didn't even bother to say anything about it.  It was just a tropical storm and felt about like a good Texas thunderstorm.  This third one looks to be somewhere around a catagory 2-3 when it hits Sunday night/monday early morning.  I'm not worried about it but we are prepared just in case (extra water, candles, etc)

Otherwise life is pretty good.  Vicky is now comfortable teaching and thanks to her strong discipline, the kids are slowly behaving better (though it's definitely a work in progress).  My classes are going well.  One new girl I have is my first absolute beginner.  I'm teaching "hi" "bye" "I" "he" "she", the most basic of basics.  It's interesting and very challenging.

One randomly funny story that illustrates what it's like to live here happened to me the other day as I was taking the trash out to the dumpster nearby.  I dropped our trash and was heading back into the apartment building when a woman stopped me and said her 8 year old son would really like to talk with me.  Why you ask?  Because I'm a foreigner! So I ended up talking to both her and her son on the street for about 10 minutes before heading back upstairs.  Certainly keeps life interesting :)

Same picture.  Different editing.

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