Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas time in Europe

The Christmas season is now in full swing over here (as you can see from the picture of Old Town Square above). And though Christmas is nicely celebrated in public places in America, things are just on a different level here. Christmas Markets line every major square and they never seem to lack for business. Nativities, Christmas trees and free public concerts are a daily occurrence.

On friday, I got the chance to see one of the Vienna Christmas markets (pictured above) while I was there to pick up my long term visa (I can now legally stay in CZ until September 2010!). After spending the morning there and most of Saturday roaming around the Prague markets, I have decided that I like each of them for different reasons. I love the Vienna market for its open, simple layout, for the Christmas music playing there and for the pure focus on the season. Everything there was all about Christmas.

The Prague markets on the other hand, are much closer and felt more intimate and alive. There are a few non-Christmas things there but the selection and the prices are much better. But really I just love the atmosphere of the Old Town Square market. Hopefully these pictures do it some small measure of justice.

On an even more exciting note, I'm coming home in a week and a half! I have 3 weeks to see family and friends, watch (and play) plenty of football and eat all the wonderful Texas foods I have so dearly missed. Anyone who wants to join me in these things will be most welcome!

PS. Since I've been accused of smiling in every picture I take, here is something different.

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