Monday, May 17, 2010

Holiday: CZ and Athens

The Parthenon

Hi. Sorry for the total lack of updates the last couple weeks but i've been traveling with my parents sans computer. Since filling in the details of this trip will take longer than usual, i'll be posting an update each day this week (I'm sure you're thrilled) :)

My parents arrival on Saturday the 1st began with a small miracle. Their flight out of DFW was canceled because the pilot was sick. However thanks to divine intervention and some shockingly friendly airline service, they caught the only other available plane here. It routed them through Paris instead of London but the net result was they arrived only 20 minutes later than originally planned. However, I didn't learn this until afterwards so I was going home after waiting for them when I got a call from a random number. Dad was call from a borrowed phone to say hi, we're in terminal 2 (the terminal for continental flights only). My first reaction before hi or I love you or great to hear from you or anything was "what the hell are you doing in terminal 2???" We soon sorted things out.

Once they got here we had a lovely time as I showed them around. We went and saw all the normal Prague sites (the castle, the cathedral, old town square, the parks, etc) and we were able to do it at a moderate pace. This kept the problem of jetlag to a minimum :)

Eating large streetcorner sausages is a must in Praha

We were originally supposed to leave for Athens wednesday the 5th but a nationwide strike in Greece effectively closed the whole country for the day. With some quick work, we were able to move our flight to thursday. This limited our sightseeing in Athens but still enabled us to take our cruise. Our sightseeing was further limited by another mass protest that closed most of city thursday evening. Fortunately we were able to visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Olympic stadium and the Temple of Zeus before the closing. Dinner with a couple friends of my parents who live in Greece rounded out a great day.

The view from my hotel room's balcony (hint: those big columns in the middle are the remains of the Temple of Zeus)

The ONLY way I'll ever get to run in an Olympic stadium

The Queen and King of Ceremonies

The next morning we had breakfast overlooking the Acropolis and then headed for the port....

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