Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Brazells are coming!

Every town, has its ups and downs.
And sometimes the ups, outnumber the downs.
- The Minstrel, Disney's Robin Hood

Every place has its good times and its sad times. For Prague, the change from sad to glad is the change from winter to spring. Months of sub freezing temperatures and dark days give way to bright sunshine and balmy breezes.

Today I took full advantage of this by visiting the lake and park near our apartment. I went out there, laid down and took a nap in the warm sun. Then I walked around, enjoyed the eden-like atmosphere and even did a little reading under the trees while I listened to a little classical music (appropriately from Czech composer Antonin Dvorak).

And it seems the rich get richer because not only are the days becoming lovelier by the week but my parents arrive for a two week vacation on saturday afternoon. This is definitely the visit i've been the most excited about for two reasons. One, they're my parents and I love em! And two, because of the itinerary while they're here.

*please note: do not read the next few sentences if you become jealous easily
Their visit begins with 4 days in Prague so i can show them my home and all the wonderful adventures it has to offer. From there, we fly down to Athens for a day and a half in the city before setting off on 3 day cruise through the Greek Islands.

After returning from the cruise, we catch a quick flight to Rome. We spend two days there which isn't a lot of time but fortunately our hotel is near the Parthenon, so getting around shouldn't be tough. After that we fly to Paris for the remaining 3 and a half days.

And because my parents leave saturday morning early, i actually decided to take the train under the English Channel and spend the rest of the weekend in London on my own.
*Please note: it is now safe to begin reading again

So obviously I'm incredibly excited. Winter was pretty depressing at times but right now the ups CLEARLY outnumber the downs :)

PS. If you want a few more pictures of our fair city right now, click here

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  1. Hey! Great getting an update and reading through the last couple of entries. I'm excited for you to spend all that time with your parents. That's going to be a lot of fun and very full. :) I'm super envious of all your travels and experiences, but I'm also super proud of you and support you totally!! I hope to find a way to meet you somewhere out in the world as we are both traveling!!! :) PS: photo shoot coming up friday. competition in July. God has confirmed several times that this is what I'm to be doing. Only he knows why. Dunno what happens after July, so for now we just prepare. Look forward to another skype chat! :)