Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It's been a good week. Daniel and Amanda arrived thursday night. They were very excited. Especially Amanda since this is her first visit to Europe. Tim and I spent the next three days guiding them all over the city, showing them sites, history, architecture and culture. On sunday night I escorted them to the train station and left them in a 1st class cabin on the overnight train bound for Vienna.

While they spend 3 days celebrating their anniversary there, i've managed to do a full weeks work from tuesday to thursday here. The reward for this dedication is meeting up with them in Salzburg and Munich for a 3 day weekend before returning to work monday.

Overall its been nearly perfect. I submit the photographs below as proof.

Out exploring the city

Having a few laughs at VyŇ°ehrad Castle

The gang near Prague Castle

View of the city from Prague Castle

Panorama of Old Town

The Cathedral of St. Vitus

And from outside the castle

My favorite statue in all of Prague. You'd never even see it unless you happened to turn down the right alley and look up.

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