Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Visiting Season

Love this picture

Visiting season has begun and I'm extremely excited! Daniel and Amanda arrive thursday evening and will be staying for two weeks. Much fun will ensue :D

The National Museum at twilight

In work related news, I now have my ideal schedule. I teach one normal class and one private lesson monday from 3:30-7:15 (which gives me the morning free to relax and plan my lessons for the week). Tuesday and Thursday I'm gone from 6:30-7 with one 30 minute lunch break. Wednesday I teach from 7:30-4 with breaks for travel and lunch. Friday is totally free.

I love this schedule because it give me a light monday to ease into the week and prepare my lesson plans. Then I get to bear down and work nice and hard for 3 very full days (I have more classes in three days than any of my friends have in a full week). And best of all, friday is still free. I know it won't last forever but i'm sure gonna enjoy it while it does.

For now I leave you with some of my recent random pictures from my rovings in the city :)

Sarka park at sunrise

And here again the same day at sunset

This one speaks for itself

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