Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Dream


Its a simple question I get asked from time to time. Why did I leave? Why I am doing this? The answer is equally simple.

"Because I have a dream."

My dream doesn't include great riches, power or fame. It doesn't involve a corner office. Unlike Achilles, I do not want my name to be remembered for all time. My dream is bigger than that. My dream is the world.

I want to visit all 7 continents (yes even Antarctica). I want hike over Kilimanjaro. I want to stare up in awe at the majesty of Everest. I want to marvel at the Great Barrier Reef and the abundance of life it contains. I want to see the sweeping plains of the Serengeti. I want to look upon the pyramids and contemplate how it was possible to build something like this so long ago. I want to celebrate in Rio as I gaze down upon the city beside Christ the Redeemer. I want to stand on the barren coast of the frozen continent and bask in the magnificent emptiness around me.

Rio de Janeiro

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

I've already seen the splendor of the Grand Canyon, rafted down raging rivers in the Rockies, seen the earth expand before me as I dived through the sky, melted in the relaxing embrace of the Caribbean and stood alone at the top of a mountain in Colorado. But I want more. I dream of visiting every place on earth that interests me and then going even further.

The Serengeti in Africa

And unlike many people, I will make my dream a reality. Sometime around August or September of this year I will leave Prague (if not sooner). I will most likely either move to Sydney or Korea (though other places are still possible). Korea as I have explained before is a fascinating culture and a place where I can save a lot of money quickly. Sydney is a place I have always dreamed of living and is also a good place to save. Both of these locations will provide me with unique opportunities to see and experience life in ways that I simply can't do in the US.


However the best part is that things won't get worse when I'm finished with these two dream locations. When these chapters end, I will have saved enough money to travel the world as a student. I will simply take a backpack, a camera, a world of curiosity and I will follow my heart. I don't know where that will lead but I know it will be a grand adventure. And nothing would make me happier.

And someday when I die, like the two brothers in the movie "Secondhand Lions", I want people to think of me and say

"He really lived"

Everest at sunset

PS. Of course I have other dreams about a wife, kids, a home, etc... but that's for another time ;)

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