Friday, March 5, 2010

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I'm trying the scruffy to almost full beard look. What do you think? Should I keep it?

Sorry for the delay between updates but i've been waiting on news from the Swiss summer camp before updating everyone. Unfortunately I'm still waiting, so I've decided to move on. I'm currently looking at camps in Spain, England and the Czech Republic (in the countryside).

Look! Grass!

My classes are still going well. My students are great and the private lessons that I began recently are especially nice. The best news is that the weather is finally starting to warm up. Its cold again this week but last week was quite nice. I didn't realize how much I missed warm weather and sunshine until it started to return. Now i just have to be patient until Spring really gets going (this should happen around the beginning of April).

This is John, my senior teacher. He basically keeps an eye on me and helps me get better. Kinda goofy lookin Brit but a real nice guy (and yes I'm aware I used poor grammar there)

The man pictured above is Ondrej (pronounced like Andre). I teach him twice a week and he is one of my favorite lessons. His manager met me and told me very directly that my only job was to improve his spoken English. So we don't do grammar. We don't go through a book. He comes in and we sit down and talk for 90 minutes. We usually have a focus for the conversation as a way for me to teach him new vocabulary, ie restaurants, politics, weather etc. He's overworked, stressed and frustrated and I like him! Our lessons give him a chance to blow off steam, talk through his problems and improve his English. Its a perfect setup.

The only other news is that Tim's uncle Bob has been visiting us this week. He's a great guy and very interesting to talk to, so its certainly made the week fun. It has also had the effect of whetting my anticipation for the upcoming visits we'll be receiving this spring :)

And since its still too cold for green things to bloom, here are some pictures of the "school" I work at. Really its a resource center for lesson planning and administrative support. Fortunately, that is exactly what I need to succeed.

Our library on the right side. It doesn't look like much but its more than enough for us

Our computer bank. I print lots of stuff from here

The admin support staff. They're very good.

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