Saturday, June 5, 2010

My next home

Several updates this time around. The first is that the weather has finally changed! It had been in the 50s and raining the past 2 weeks. Now its finally June weather outside (June weather for Prague means mid 70s and sunny). I went to my park yesterday to celebrate the change. You can see the results in the pictures above and below.

Second is that i've learned what my schedule will look like between now and september. I will teach like normal this month, with one exception. My only monday class has decided they would rather learn wednesday evening. So I now work 7 to 7 tuesday-thursday and have a permanent 4 day weekend!!! I find this almost too wonderful for words :D

Then for July and the first half of August I will be working about half the time I am now. I will be losing 12 of my 15 classes because they take a break during the summer. Fortunately I've worked hard and saved some money, so losing the work doesn't really hurt me. Plus I will be covering some classes for people who go on long vacations. The great part of this is that it will give me plenty of time to further explore Prague and the surrounding Czech towns :)

Around mid-August I will be flying back to Texas for a couple weeks. That will of course be a blast!!

The big news is where i'm going after that. I'm about 99% sure that i'm going to the island of Jeju, South Korea. Here is its location on a map of South Korea (hint: Jeju is the pink island and North Korea is the grey part at the top)

Jeju is a resort island for Koreans. Its nickname is the Korean Hawaii. It has a more tropical, temperate climate that the mainland and is apparently extremely well suited to active outdoors types (ie ME!). It is a highly coveted teaching spot but fortunately my experience in Prague and my qualifications make finding a job there no problem. I will also probably be bringing my friend Ted that I met in grad school.

I see this as a great opportunity to experience a culture that is VERY different from my native one, save some money and have a great time. I expect strong culture shock, language barriers and who knows what other problems. But despite this, or maybe because of it, I relish the opportunity to go. I'm aware that this choice of countries will worry some of you (especially with the North being stupid as usual), so if you wish to say something about it, please do so now or forever hold your peace ;)

In the mean time, enjoy a couple pictures of the island that I will probably soon call home

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  1. LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Beautiful spot, and love that you're going to be in an asian culture. It's just so different and cool. Plus, great food. I miss it. :) Though, I've never done the Korea thing.