Friday, June 25, 2010

Preparing for craziness

You know those perfect evenings? The ones filled with cool summer evening breezes, birds singing, Louis Armstrong jazz playing and brilliantly colored sunsets? Well I just had one of those. And personally, I think evening like that can do more to restore your spirit than whole weeks on vacation.

This one came at just the perfect time. My next two weeks will be wonderfully chaotic. First is a going away party most of sunday for two of my friends. Then I work all day monday before meeting my friend Maria at the airport. She's coming over from the UK for two days to see Prague for the first time and I volunteered to be the tour guide :)

She leaves wednesday afternoon after which i'm going straight to work and then to a tennis match that evening with a very good player I met. The next morning I work for the last time in Kutna Hora (sadness) and then that night at 9pm I catch the overnight bus to switzerland. 5 days and 4 nights of breathtaking scenery will hopefully ensue :D

And to finish it off, I return wednesday the 7th at 5:30am and teach from 7:30-6 that day. I'm probably a little crazy but its all so fun that I can't pass any of it up. I can rest when i'm old. Besides, after that I have about 1/3 my current amount of work and a month and a half here with virtually no solid plans except explore and enjoy.

It's gonna be a good summer :)

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