Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Lately i've been noticing the Pros and Cons of Jeju.

Con: It's been hazy or raining nearly every day for the past 2 months.
Pro: Laying on a beach in hazy weather is still laying on a beach.

Con: It's about 30 minutes to the nearest good beach.
Pro: I pass 3 of them on my way home from work every day.

Con: At times (like yesterday) parents and seemingly half the staff come in to evaluate my teaching.
Pro: After work that day I took advantage of the information in Pro #2.

Another plus, rain and haze can produce cool sunsets

Con: Having disposable income here doesn't really improve the quality of life that much.
Pro: Thanks to the Korean government, teachers actually HAVE disposable income here.

Con: There is very little diversity on this island.
Pro: I get to work here in order to help correct that problem.

Con: I stand out like a lion in a prairie dog town.
Pro: People remember my food orders, my name and go out of their way to be friendly and helpful to me.

Con: Jeju is NOT the Hawaii of Korea as some of it's marketing claims!
Pro: It's still a nice place to live with relatively moderate seasons.

Con: The kids I teach can be obnoxious and a pain.
Pro: They're adorable and absolute sweethearts 95% of the time.

Cute right?

Con: Living abroad makes you miss home.
Pro: Living abroad makes you appreciate home more than you ever can if you never leave it.

Con: Flying out of Korea is fairly expensive.
Pro: Flying inside Korea isn't.

Con: The variety of food here is fairly limited.
Pro: This is not a problem in Seoul.

Con: I'm going to Seoul for the weekend next week.
Pro: Wait that was the pro! Where's the con???

Con: You had to read this.
Pro: I got to write a really easy update!

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