Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drawings and beaches and Seoul

Ordinarily I would write what I want to say here.  For this first item, I'll just show you.

I couldn't stop smiling after finding a couple of my girls drawing this.

Aside from my wonderful students, my news lately has centered around finding a great new beach and my trip this weekend to Seoul.  I'm leaving Friday and going with my two best friends on Jeju, Jason and Erik.  And because Jason has a friend at the embassy, we are staying for free with him on the American military base.  We'll use the weekend to eat great food, explore the city and possibly do a little shopping.  I definitely can't wait!

The Spring semester ends in just over two weeks and I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Unlike winter, I will have to come to school during this break but the work will mostly be limited to desk-warming, movie-watching and time-killing.  Any suggestions for books, tv shows or movies I could use to pass the time would be greatly appreciated.

Since I'm going to have more time, including 2 weeks off with no solid plans, I've been looking at all the beaches I can.  In the town of Woljeong right behind my bigger school, i discovered this beach.  I can't wait to explore it further :)

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