Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer hours

 Hamdeok Beach

This week's update is succinct.  With start of the week came the beginning of summer break for schools in Korea.  Of course summer break doesn't mean quite the same thing here as it does back home.  For one thing, I'm still teaching a few classes and over half the students are still at school at least part of the day.  What it amounts to for me is a normal working morning but I get to leave at lunchtime.  Home by 2pm.  Not a bad gig.

And it gives me more chances to stop by here on the way home

As an added bonus, i've got 2 weeks of vacation in August.  I'm not actually going anywhere for them.  I'm just going to explore Jeju and hang out with friends from orientation who will be down to visit throughout that time.  I'm also trying to setup my next destination and my October trips before coming home.  I'll send out updates when I have solid answers to either of these questions.  Till next time.

 By the way, this is how Koreans usually dress when they go to the beach to go swimming

 Seems crazy right but remember, they like their skin as white as possible

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