Thursday, July 7, 2011

Even the morning commute can be hazardous

Just a quick story.  This morning I was riding to work with my Korean friend Dong He, the taekwondo instructor at my school.  He was driving in his usual manner, ie) skillfully and faster than his sad car was actually capable of moving.  While zipping down the road, a driver pulled out in front of him and did not accelerate properly.  Dong He proceeded to blow by him on our 2 lane road, narrowly avoiding a head on collision with a driver going the other way.

When they reached a light.  The passed car pulled up next to us and started making rude gestures.  Dong He replied in kind.  The other driver then accelerated and twice cut us off so sharply that I think he was trying to hit us.  The two enraged wheel-men proceeded to have a high speed chase (read 2x the speed limit) in traffic for the next 10 miles.  In fact we blew right past the school just so Dong He could continue trying to chase the guy and do lord knows what to him if he caught him (remember this is a 3rd degree taekwondo blackbelt).

Fortunately for the guy's life and my timeliness, the he lost us at a stoplight.  We were forced to turn back.  The funny thing is, Dong He is a very skilled driver.  Aggressive and a little crazy but a skilled driver.  The fact that i'm here to write this is proof. 

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