Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday in the past, Japan in the future

Erik and I at Woljeong Beach on my birthday

First, thanks for the various birthday wishes I got last week.  After about age 12, birthdays aren't a big deal anymore but it's still nice to be remembered :)  And for those who are curious, yes it was a good day.  A little time at school, then Erik and I met up at the beach for a while, then a big dinner and hanging out after.

Now that my friend Jason has returned, we have agreed to go to Japan the 2nd weekend in September for 4 days (I know it's not enough time but we don't have choice).  We'll be visiting Osaka and Kyoto, following the advice of Erik who lived there for 4 years.  A little expensive but should be fun and definitely worth it (since Japan will never again be a mere 2 hour flight away)

On a random note, we had a typhoon hit us Sunday.  Christian, Erik and I thought about trying to go bodysurfing ... until we looked outside and our sanity kicked in.  But the sad/good part was, it was still no worse than a strong Texas thunderstorm (howling wind, rain pouring sideways, less lightning actually).  Other than that, I continue to love working in a public school in summer.  Having your hours significantly reduced for a month is certainly a nice perk.  For now i'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I have no idea what he's doing but it makes me laugh

Clearly this beach isn't on the tourist maps

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