Thursday, August 18, 2011

A whole mess of traveling updates

Fairly big news this time.  I'll list in it in chronological order (mostly for suspense purposes).

This week:  
I've been having an excellent time playing tourist on my own island with some friends visiting from the mainland.  Went to a couple waterfalls, an awesome bridge (pictured above), loveland and a nice beach or two.

This weekend:
Flying up to Seoul to do a DMZ tour with Erik on Tuesday and then getting my passport renewed Wednesday :)  And yes on the DMZ tour I will be right on the border with North Korea.  Well within eyesight of NK soldiers.  I'll try to not make fun of them while there.

Oct 17:
My last day

Part of our waterfall tour

Oct 19:
Fly to Japan.  Visit Osaka and Kyoto for 4 days.  See Himeji Castle.  Eat the famous Osaka food.  Spend WAY too much money (this is harder to avoid than a Godzilla attack).  Fly back to Jeju on the 23rd.

Oct 26:
Fly to Bali.  Stay 11 days.  Hike.  Lay on the beach.  Swim.  Lay on the beach.  Do a little shopping.  Lay on the beach.  (noticing a pattern?)

Nov 6:
Fly to Hong Kong.  Stay 3 1/2 days.  Explore.  Visit Macau.  Take the Star Ferry.  See the harbor light show.

Nov 10:
Fly to Dallas.  Connect through Seoul.  Leave Seoul at 11am.  Arrive in Dallas at 8am.  (timezones are fun!)

So 3 major vacation destinations plus a DMZ tour.  Was I exaggerating when I said I had a mess of updates?  For now, enjoy the rest of these pictures.  And thanks to everyone who's given me great travel tips for all these places!!

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