Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chilling in Bali

Sometimes life is pretty good

Just some quick thoughts on Bali and Nusa Lembongan (a smaller, less touristy island off the coast of Bali).

Bali itself is definitely a beautiful island.  There are beaches everywhere and gorgeous greenery galore.  There is also however a lot of trash just thrown away anywhere, a glut of tourist traps and locals who can be friendly but can drive you nuts trying to get you to buy something.

Sanur Beach on Bali

Everything here is either dirt cheap or crazy expensive.  Massages are $5 for an hour.  Dinners almost never cost more than 10.  Indonesian food rarely costs more than 3.  Housing can be found for around 10-20 within 2 minutes of the beach.  And some skill at negotiation can sometimes drop these prices even further.

But the resorts here charge crazy amounts.  And any place that lists the cost in American dollars usually doubles the price.  Booking ahead of time virtually guarantees you're overpaying and overpaying a lot.

After about 4-5 days on Bali, i moved over to my current location on Nusa Lembongan.  It's much less touristy, has better swimming beaches, gorgeous sunsets and is beautifully quiet!

Can you guess how sunset beach got it's name?

lol it also has the power turned off for the entire island from 7-5 everyday while they change the generator system for the whole island (or something like that).  Whatever the case, they will NOT finish while i'm here.

I will definitely say i'm thankful i speak English natively.  I had dinner last night with 2 German women, a young Estonian couple and an Indonesian dive master.  And everyone talked to each other in English.  Thank you lord for being born in the US!

Mushroom Beach on Lembongan

For the next two days my plans are some snorkeling, laying on the beach, reading, reading while laying on the beach, eating while overlooking the beach, hiking around looking for more beaches, ..... noticing a trend?  Partially this is because my room has no power during the day and therefore is too boring and too hot to stay in, so i MUST be outside.  But mostly it's because i like being a beach bum on vacation :)

My lot in life is tough one huh?

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