Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting lost in Hong Kong

At Victoria Harbor with Hong Kong Island in the background

When we last saw our hero he was charging boldly towards .... a lounge chair.  Ok so vacationing isn't exactly heroic but it sure can be fun.  Suffice it to say that most of the rest of my time on Bali was just like what I already described.  Relaxed, hot, and slow paced.

Before returning to Dallas though, i had one more stopover to readjust to Western life.  A stop in Hong Kong, a mix of the East and West.  Since i'm still in HK, my thoughts will be brief (since i'd rather be outside exploring).

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is probably the most densely packed city i've ever been in.  It has as many residents as New York but in 1/4 the space.  The streets at rush hour are a sea of humanity.  The buildings are tall, shiny and mostly new on Hong Kong Island.  Across Victoria Harbor in Kowloon, it's even more packed and the buildings are a bit older.  This is where Hong Kong starts to feel less like Singapore and more like Seoul or Bangkok.  If nothing else, the city definitely feels alive and doesn't just feel like a soulless concrete jungle.

 Overlooking Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

At Lions Point looking down

For my time, I've done a good bit of walking around.  Visited Victoria Peak (picture above).  Went and saw the Symphony of Lights show at the harbor at night.  Took the Star Ferry a couple times.  Wandered down the Walk of Stars (had to stop at the Bruce Lee statue of course).  And today I'm off to go browse Hong Kong's famous shopping.  Enjoy the pictures!

 The Hong Kong skyline at night

Cool huh?

Bruce Lee statue

 Preparing to fight in front of the Bruce Lee statue

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