Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Liberation Day = vacation day!

Jeju sunset

Nothing beats a random weekday off for a holiday you didn't even realize was coming up.  And that's exactly what we got today as Korea celebrated Liberation Day.  This celebration marks the surrender of Japan to end World War II on August 15, 1945, which freed Korea from it's colonial yoke.

For the previous 35 years, Korea had been ruled by the Empire of Japan which had done everything in it's power to destroy Korean culture.  The goal was integration but the result was near annihilation.  The resentment and anger this period produced still lingers today.  Sadly the independence gained would be short-lived before the country was split in half and war again consumed it.  But Koreans, both North and South, celebrate this day as the beginning of their glorious futures (though how glorious the North's future has been is, let's tactfully say, debatable).

We celebrated by catching up on some much needed sleep, spending time with friends and watching a parade from our 7th floor windows.  Basically we enjoyed Saturday on a Wednesday and that's always cause for a smile :)

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