Sunday, August 26, 2012

Typhoon Bolaven is coming

This is what's coming and that arrow points to where we are

If you can see the above image, you can guess the focus of this post.  A large typhoon is headed for Jeju.  It will hit Monday evening here (Monday morning in the US).  As of right now, both Vicky and I are expected to come to work despite this.  The predicted wind speeds are sustained winds around 60-100 mph with stronger gusts.  That plus rain does not sound like fun to be out in.  This is the path the typhoon is expected to take.  The eye won't pass directly over us but it will be plenty close enough.

Jeju is the island just North-East of the eye at 9pm Monday

So for all who are reading this I have a simple request.  Please pray for our safety as well as the safety of our island home.  I don't expect a ton of damage but this is a Category 3 hurricane rolling over us.  Prayer certainly can't hurt and would be greatly appreciated.

PS.  If you want to track the progress of the storm, you can do so here
and here

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