Monday, January 28, 2013

A thank you note for innumerable blessings

 Jeju City from it's newest apartment building

Now comes the part I've been waiting for.  It's still cold, cloudy and random (why thank you random kid on the bus who I've never met for giving me a piece of gum) in Korea but that doesn't matter because in less than a week, Vicky and I will be taking our first real vacation together.  We'll be going somewhere we've both never been, a place we can discover together.  It's a dream come true for me.  I couldn't be more blessed.  Fantastic family, great friends and a woman I love deeply.  Sometimes I just have to stop and say thank you Lord for the many, many blessing in my life.  I don't deserve them (no one could) but I'm extremely grateful.

To quote a song from Josh Turner that I very much like,
       I make it a point to thank the Lord
       When I got him on the line
       I'm feeling good
       And everything is fine.

A group of sunbursts (don't forget: click on any of these pictures to see it bigger)

And for that I say Hallelujah.  I'll be back with Philippines updates in about 2 weeks.

TTFN  (ta ta for now)

City Hall

Halla Mountain

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