Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where do we go from here?

sunset storm at Tap-Dong

Something I never realized growing up in Texas is that, for most places, winter brings outdoor activities to a halt.  When the temp stays around freezing or colder and it's dark early, most people don't want to be outside for long.  As the weather necessitates a winter hibernation, I naturally have less to write about here.  However I thought i'd lay out a bit of Vicky and I's thoughts for our future location plans.

Though we won't both be done working till late July, we've been considering what to do when our contracts end.  Our options are either return to the US or move to another country.  Much as I like Korea, neither of us wants to stay for another year.  I know this won't make most of you happy (though it might for a few you) but right now we're leaning pretty heavily towards another year abroad.  Another year in someplace like Taiwan or Hong Kong could leave us both debt free with some nice savings in the bank.  As an added bonus, Taiwan is warm year round and a lot more relaxed than Korea with about the same level of pay.  So right now we are very tentatively leaning that way.

There are, of course, lots of other factors in our decision of what to do next (does Vicky need to get ESL certified like me, which is both expensive and time consuming?  what might we do after next year?  how does money affect us?  how can we take the most cool vacations while we have the location and freedom to do so?, etc).

For now we're seriously looking forward to our Philippines vacation that's just over 2 weeks away.  To say I'm kind of excited would be like saying Niagara Falls is a little wet.  Trading long-underwear for sunscreen and a bathing suit is just what the doctor ordered to help a couple frozen Texans thaw out :)

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