Monday, April 8, 2013

Big things are afoot (it's not my feet. I just washed them)

One hour after I proposed

As you can obviously guess, the last week has been crazy.  After proposing, we spent the rest of the weekend calling, emailing and meeting family and friends to tell them the good news.  The rest of the week was spent planning the wedding, hunting for a venue with plenty of help from my wonderful mom, writing essays for a class Vicky is taking, researching, etc.

After a weekend that was both productive and relaxing (i didn't think this was possible), I wanted to write and update you guys on our plans going forward.  Plus I wanted a chance to post more cherry blossom pictures since a storm blew them all away yesterday.  Boo!!!

No more sites like this :*(

Or this :*(

So with the addition of a wedding to an already complicated plan, this is what our updated schedule looks like for the rest of the year.

April-June - Keep teaching.  My contract ends at the end of June.
July - Vicky teaches until near the end of July.  I've got the month free for research, photography, beach trips and basically being on vacation on a beach island.
August - For the first two weeks we get to be bums as we prepare to move out and leave Jeju.  August 17th we fly to Switzerland to meet Randy and Vanessa for the beginning of our Europe trip.  They'll stay with us for the first two weeks before heading home.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the beauty

October - We get back to Texas on Oct. 3.  We will then have 5 weeks to furiously prepare for a wedding that will probably occur on November 10th (pending the venue we're looking at being available).  We also want to see lots of our friends (of course) and eat as many small portions of wonderful Texas food as possible (gotta stay in shape for the wedding but there's not a chance on earth we're skipping out on Mexican food and BBQ after being gone a year!)
November - After getting married in early November, we'll head off for our honeymoon and then probably end the month visiting my Grandparents in Arizona to see (or in Vicky's case meet) family.  We might try to sneak in another visit or two while we're at it but we'll see what happens.

By this time, I'll be married to her!

December - We chill in Texas enjoying the holidays with friends and family.
January - We'll almost certainly go abroad again, this time probably to Taiwan.  We haven't gotten the traveling bug out of our systems yet (and in case you were wondering, no I don't plan to live abroad permanently.  I just simply love to travel and this continues to be by far the best time to do it.  Once kids enter the equation down the road, trying to do this would be more complex by several orders of a magnitude.)

To say we'll be busy is a vast understatement.  That's actually the condensed version of our plans (the full version makes the US tax code look succinct).

The good news is all this planning will enable Vicky and I to have what will quite probably be the best year of our lives yet!  Hopefully if you're reading this, you'll be a part of what makes this year so great.

Out exploring and picture taking at Jeju National University

Once again, bonus points if you can ID the movie reference in the title.

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