Monday, July 29, 2013

Making progress in our prep to leave

 Sunset at Tap Dong Harbor

Last time I said I was working on a massive to-do list before we leave.  That's still true but we're making good progress on it.  Most of the major tasks from it are finished (find a place to honeymoon, pick and reserve our 22 hostels/hotels, figure out exactly how to get from one city to another, get visa extensions, choose what color elephant we want to ride at our wedding, etc).

Sunrise seen from our roof

We're now working more on the things we have to do to leave.  Ie)  Shipping home suitcases, getting our pension refund, planning how to smuggle our new Korean children off the island (we only took the smart, cute ones), putting things up for sale online, etc.  Fortunately, none of that is too hard.

Down by the ocean in Tap Dong

More of Tap Dong at sunset

The random funny story of the week comes to us courtesy of the local taxi drivers.  Five of us were splitting a taxi headed for the beach when we realized the meter wasn't running.  Our friend Ron decided to make up a song about it.  He began singing, "Hate being in a taxi, when the meter ain't running.  Being overcharged sucks and I know the drivers lying."  It was at this exact moment that the driver chimed in, "Good song!".  We all completely lost it then.  The one Korean girl in the car told the driver he made a funny comment.  He beamed with pride.  We laughed harder.

Vicky's dream come true

This week the goals are 1) go to the pension office to get our refund  2) find out more information about the attractions in the cities we're going to visit.  Specifically, when are they open, how much do they cost and is there a way to skip the lines  3) figure out how to release the kids we've held captive to keep them from causing trouble in our classes  4) figure out if we can ship our suitcases home without being charged an arm, a leg and possibly our firstborn child.

Jeju City Park, behind the Culture and Art Center

And on the happiest note yet, only 2 weeks until we begin our crazy "Returning to America" tour with stops in Seoul + 20 European cities before returning to good ole Texas for the remainder of the year.  The phrase "I can't wait" is nowhere near strong enough to express how we both feel about this.  See you soon, I hope.

The Tap Dong oceanfront seafood restaurants framed by the fading light above Halla Mountain

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