Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our route through Europe

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Several people have asked me about where Vicky and I will be going in Europe and when.  So here it is.  The map should help visualize what we'll be doing.

Aug 16-19  Istanbul, Turkey
Aug 20  Belgrade, Serbia
Aug 21-22  Budapest, Hungary
Aug 23-24  Vienna, Austria
Aug 25-27  Krakow, Poland
Aug 28-Sept 1  Prague, Czech Republic
Sept 2-3  Salzburg, Austria
Sept 4-5  Munich, Germany
Sept 6-8  Interlaken, Switzerland
Sept 9-11  Venice, Italy
Sept 12-14  Rome, Italy
Sept 15-16  Florence, Italy
Sept 16  Pisa, Italy
Sept 17-19  Paris, France
Sept 20-21  Barcelona, Spain
Sept 22-23  Lisbon, Portugal
Sept 24-25  Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sept 26-28  Brussels, Belgium
Sept 29-30  Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Oct 1-3  London, England
Oct 4  Dublin, Ireland
Oct 5  Fly to Dallas!!

The first day or two back in Texas I plan to do nothing but relax (eat), enjoy being back in Texas (eat more) and stare in wonder at all the people (why doesn't everyone look the same??) (did I mention I'll eat?). I'll probably look around in confusion when I hear people speaking English everywhere.  I'll definitely use small words and exaggerated hand gestures when speaking to any service people at stores.  I'll start to yell "yogi-oh" when I'm looking for a waiter in a restaurant (in Korean, that means "over here") before realizing we don't call out for service in the US.  I'll most likely appear quirky, strange, maybe even crazy.  

So in short, I'll behave exactly like I normally do :)

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