Monday, August 19, 2013

I blame China

I blame China. I wrote a solid, detailed update but unfortunately I wrote it in China. Since China hates Google (look it up. They really do) the update didn't save and has been lost forever. And since I don't feel like trying to rewrite it on a tablet, you get the cliff's notes version (which is probably the one you wanted anyway).

We left Jeju without any major problems but with plenty of stress. Unfortunately right after arriving in Seoul, Vicky picked up a stomach bug and spent most of our 2.5 days recovering from it. Fortunately, we did find time to eat dinner with an old traveling buddy of mine at a Brazilian steakhouse. We also met our two best friends from Jeju for dinner at Subway since they also happened to be in Seoul. It was an excellent goodbye to Korea.

The very VERY long series of boring flights the next day was only broken up by meeting an Aussie astrophysicist who has run with the bulls in Spain, visited Oktoberfest in Munich and currently lives in China. When you factor in his impressive beard, he might be the real-life most interesting man in the world.
And around 28 hours after we left Seoul, we arrived in Istanbul at 1am and promptly fell asleep. To be continued (maybe even with pictures of i can find a computer)

Requisite funny story.
On our flight from China to Istanbul, this woman who was barely 5ft tall sat in the seat in front of me. Several times during the flight she tried to recline her seat. But every time she tried, her seat wouldn't move backwards. Maybe it was broken. Maybe it was stuck. Or maybe the 6'2 guy behind her made dang sure her seat didn't infringe on his much needed legroom. It's a mystery.

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