Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weather worthy of Texas (and when I'll be home for christmas)

While its nice and warm back home (and don't try to tell me that 60's or 50's is cold), the weather has taken an interesting turn here. It is currently 34 and snowing lightly outside. Last week at this time it was 70 and clear. Crazy.

This lovely change is wonderful to observe from inside. And honestly, even when I have to go out in it, its better than the freezing rain we had early in the week. So this week has been interesting. Fortunately, i'm discovering that I can abide the cold quite well. I may change my tune in January when the temperature drops into the twenty's and teens but for now I'm good.

The other piece of big news is that I bought my plane ticket home for christmas. I will arrive in Dallas on Dec 17th and fly back to Prague January 5th. So I have almost 3 weeks home. Hopefully I have time to spend with everyone I miss. And fyi, if you plan to see me during those 3 weeks be prepared for me wanting to eat as much traditional texas food as possible. I'm going half crazy missing mexican (especially queso), barbecue, steaks, hamburgers and giant burritos (I'm thinking qdoba here). lol, now I went and made myself all hungry. Fortunately, our friends Stephanie and Sandi (from the pictures here) invited Tim and I over for a homecooked meal. :D

And speaking of food, I tried anchovy pizza last week. It was not bad like i expected but very salty. If nothing else, I am now one step closer to being like Garfield! And on that happy thought, I leave you with a few more pictures from our trip to the picturesque Karlstejn and the stunning colors of Autumn.

Anchovy Pizza

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