Thursday, October 29, 2009

Before Halloween

Since Halloween is coming up Saturday, it seemed appropriate to use the Czech national holiday wednesday to visit somewhere spooky. I'd say the Bone Church in Kutna Hora qualifies.

Along with my friends (from left to right) Sandi, Stephanie, Tim and Suzannah, I went to see one of the most unusual sights you're likely to find in Europe. And despite the despite (or perhaps because) of the disturbing nature of this landmark, it was a very interesting place to visit. Afterward, we visited another cathedral nearby that was decorated in the Baroque style (this means there were lots of pictures of fat babies with wings and plenty of light). We finished with a good, inexpensive meal in a local restaurant that included plenty of laughs. All in all, a very good day-trip.

Teaching continues to go well. I would like to pick up a couple more classes to make some extra money (as I'm tight on finances now) but the classes I do have are nice. They range from teaching basic preposition meanings (when to use "of, on, at, in, on top of, under ...") to advanced topics like the proper way to write formal letters (no contractions, no ending sentences with prepositions, etc). On the whole, I'm gaining excellent experience and really enjoying myself along the way.

Below are more pictures from the trip. Don't forget to email me and give me updates on what's happening back home. They always make me smile.

Smiling just didn't seem appropriate here

The entrance

Lovely chandelier wouldn't you say?

No comment needed

The main alter of the Baroque-style Church of the Assumption of our Lady (mostly a change of pace for those of you who don't find a church full of skeletons weirdly cool)

The light wasn't great for pictures but if you look closely, guess what you'll see. That's right, fat babies with wings!!

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