Sunday, November 1, 2009

The beauty around us

Click on this picture first!!

I'm beginning to understand why people love the sun. Growing up in Texas I saw the sun so often that the only time I liked it was when I wanted to work on my tan. However in Prague during the autumn and winter, we might only see the sun once every two weeks. So when a bright blue sky and a nice warm day (high 45) were there to greet me friday morning, i knew I had to take full advantage. A little after 9am, I went to the Šárka (pronounced Sharka) nature preserve that is 10 minutes away from our flat by tram. I went for some walking, climbing, thinking and adventuring. These pictures are the result. The rest can be found at the link below.

Hopefully they inspire you to take some time to find the beauty (be it nature or otherwise) near you.

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  1. Beautiful Luke! Looks like some wonderful places to hike and run!