Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being a tour guide

This week I got the chance to repay a favor. Two weeks ago I visited Florence and my friends Natalie and Courtney gave me a place to sleep (in an unoccupied room on their floor). Friday, Natalie came to visit Prague and I was privileged to be her tour guide. We visited many of the magnificent sites of the city like Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square and Vysehrad Castle (where we took some breathtaking sunset pictures). We had a wonderful time and hopefully she got to see at least a taste of why i love Prague. Pictures are of course included.

Today I got to play basketball outside again. Had a great time and kicked butt. And speaking of kicking butt, my Cowboys did NOT do that but at least we won. The coming week will be bittersweet for me. It looks to be a fun, full week and I plan to celebrate Thanksgiving by teaching all my students about it. Unfortunately I have to work all day thursday but the football games don't start until the evening, so I still get to watch Thanksgiving football!

Now its time to get showered and crash. Gotta be rested and alert to help my students get the most from their lessons.

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