Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Czech-style

Today is one of the few days here when I have really missed home. My family doesn’t have any big thanksgiving traditions like some do but I miss the excellent meal Mom cooks for it. Even more though, I miss Thanksgiving football. Not just the games of course. I can and will watch those here in a couple hours. I miss the feeling of finishing a big delicious meal and then sitting down with people I love to watch the game together. So I guess deep down I miss my friends and family.

Other than this little sadness, today has been great. I taught all my lessons today about Thanksgiving and I got to go home early because one of my students canceled late (so I still get paid for that lesson). Now I get to go home, eat and watch football until 1:30am with friends. Sounds like my idea of a great evening.

I also just found out that my long-term visa is ready for me to pick up in Vienna. This is great news since it means that I can now legally stay in the Czech Republic until my contract with James Cook Language School is up. It is also exciting because it means I get to go see the Christmas markets in Vienna while I’m there! I’ve heard their markets and Prague’s are the best in Europe. Can’t wait to find out!

Now it’s time for dinner and football! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wish I was there with you!

PS. In honor of the beginning of the Christmas season, here is a video of one of my favorite Christmas songs by a group only a few of you have probably heard of called Straight No Chaser.

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