Monday, October 3, 2011

ATVs and Udo Island. A winning combination!

This weekend was a 3 day weekend in Korea.  Since I only had 3 weekends left before I go, my friend Jeb and I decided to go visit nearby Udo Island (literally cow island) just off the east coast of Jeju.  We did this A) because we wanted to explore a beautiful interesting island that was conveniently close and B) (and more importantly) because we could rent ATVs and go racing all over the island.  And I do mean ALL OVER.  We only stuck to the roads when we absolutely had to.

We started by working around the coast and stopping for cool photo-ops.  See below.

 Thinking man

 Looks a lot like the Mediterranean huh?

 Inner peace.  Inner peace.

Then after spending half of our 3 hours exploring at a leisurely pace, we found paradise.  After blowing by a sign we later learned meant "do not enter!", we wandered through a combination cow pasture/ancient cemetery.  On the other side was a large, bumpy, wide open field.  And when you're sitting on the back of a powerful 4wheeler, that is pretty much the definition of heaven!  We spent the next half hour tearing around, bouncing every which way and taking the biggest jumps we could find.  It.  Was.  Awesome!

 Big field

Go fast!

When we finished we completed our circuit of the island and realizing we still had a little time, we then proceeded to race back to the other end of the island and then absolutely tore around the coast of Udo as though we were trying to break the island speed record.  We got back with almost 2 minutes to spare and then headed for the ferry smiling from ear to ear.  And I'd love to go back again.  I'd forgotten just how much fun ATVs can be.

A little basketball, pizza and talking to my girlfriend completed a perfect day.  Now it's time to spend the next two weeks concentrating on finishing teaching and getting ready to go :)

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