Saturday, October 15, 2011

Goodbye Korea

Me with two of my Pyeongdae 6th graders, Min Goung (left) and Hyun Ji (right)

If you're wondering why there have been a dearth of updates lately, it's because i've been preparing to leave Korea and spending just about every free second with friends and girlfriend (talking).  Monday is actually my last day and I've already said goodbye to the majority of my students.  The goodbyes were bittersweet on both sides and i'm not planning to say much more on a public blog.

The only story i'll relate is about one of my favorite goodbyes that came from my smartest 4th grader, Jung Jin.  He knows we are both Christians and we likely won't meet again.  So as I was leaving Kujwa elementary school Friday for the last time, he stuck his head out one of the windows and called out "Goodbye teacher!  See you in heaven!"  Sad as i was to go, i couldn't help telling him "Yes we will" with a big smile on my face.

Jung Jin is the boy on the right in blue.  And the crazy one on the left is Won Sok, a teachers kid and hilarious.

Since I don't plan to relate other, very personal goodbyes, you can just look at the pictures and see for yourself.  I can safely say for my part i love my kids and i really hate to leave them.  And judging by the many presents, cards and hugs i got the last few days, it appears they feel the same way :)

Note:  Korean names, like US ones, have 3 parts but they don't function the same.  All 3 names are one syllable each.  The first name is the family name, the next two are the equivalent of a first name.  So Pak Jung Jin is basically the same as Brazell Luke.  The names are hard to adjust to at first but the one syllable thing really helps.  (and remember, you can click on pictures to make them bigger if you want a better view)

 Sun Ah, my smartest 1st grader and absurdly cute

 The 3rd grade at Pyeongdae in the library.  They're very affectionate and some of my favorites.

 One of our games.  They grab my arm, then i lift them up.  Especially popular with the 2nd and 3rd grade.

A group of the girls at Pyeongdae, mostly 4th and 6th graders.  All angels

The 5th and 6th grade boys at Pyeongdae, taking a break from playing Angry Birds for a picture.  My favorite class to teach.  Enthusiastic, outgoing and well behaved.  I looked forward to this one every time.

The 4th grade girls at Kujwa.  So sweet! 

The 6th grade boys at Kujwa.  When I didn't want to kill them (which was frequent), they were really fun.


  1. i had the kids at pyeongdae and kujwa in 2009-2010.....great kids! i see that you did well with them :) peace out, bro

  2. the boys in fifth and sixth were my favorites....especially the chubby boy in blue with the glasses....i taught all of them how to read....and i hope that it helped them in their endeavors to learn English L2 :)