Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goodbye Jeju

This update will be short and simple.  This is my goodbye to Jeju and Korea.  I'm going to miss my wonderfully located apartment (but not the 100s of mosquitoes I trapped or killed in it).  I'm going to miss all the walking and healthy food that made staying in shape a breeze.  I'm going to miss the yogio button.  Yogio is the Korean way of saying "over here".  It is perfectly polite to call this out in restaurants when you want service.  Dang am I going to miss being able to do that.

I'm going to miss the summers that were never too hot.  And the beaches and snorkeling that made for wonderful weekends or after work excursions.  I'm going to miss having a lovely beach 5 minutes walk from one of my schools.  I'm going to miss being a giant and being considered handsome and strong by nearly every Korean I met.  I'm going to miss being a minor celebrity on the island, just by virtue of being white and tall.  

Most of all, I'm going to miss my kids and my friends there.  I made such great friends that I could have happily stayed another year, though I liked Prague as a city far better than Jeju.  And my kids who were so sweet, made leaving so hard.  Days after my final lesson I still got messages from them saying "I'm sad.  Don't go."

But I must say goodbye for a new door to open.  Right now that new door is the chance to come home and see family and friends.  After that ..... I don't really know.  But i know the future is bright!

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