Sunday, September 22, 2013

Florence, the sworn enemy of Guilder

I'll keep this one short since I'm kinda sick right now and don't feel like writing a ton.  The train to Florence was nice.  We arrived, dropped our stuff at the hostel and went out to do some walking through the historic part of town.  It was pretty, if crowded with tourists like ourselves (mid-September is the perfect time to visit Italy.  In summer, the temperature is often in the mid 90s).  We visited the Duomo, walked by the Uffizi and ended the day at the Piazza Michelangelo.

The next day we slept in, enjoying a former monks very dark room.  The weather was rainy and bad, so we went and waited in a very long line at the Accademia (like Disneyland long).  We did this to see the best statue in the world.  Michelangelo's David remains the most life-like inanimate object I've ever seen by a large margin.  It's well past the uncanny valley.  The only problem is that taking picture is strictly forbidden.  There were in fact guards watching everyone to make sure no pictures were taken.  Very sad.

We met a solo traveler from Turkey while there and grabbed some dinner with him after leaving the museum.  Thanks to the bad weather, we headed home after that.  At this point, we had eaten gelato 9 times in 7 days.  We were so proud!

The next day we hopped a train to Pisa since we had a late flight out of there to Rome.  Naturally while there we stopped by the tower.  And yes it does in fact lean.  Astonishing.  Mostly we made fun of the other tourists doing ridiculous holding-up or pushing-down the tower poses.  See below for details.

That night we flew to Paris to begin a very busy 2.5 days.

PS.  Bonus points to you if you understand the reference in the title.

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