Friday, September 6, 2013

My former haunt, Prague!

By the time we arrived in Prague, we were starving. After some trouble getting to our hotel, we finally got checked in, got some food and felt good enough to go out walking.

Something most people don't realize is that big trips like this are exhausting. Getting between cities is confusing and tiring since you're carrying all your things with you (and no matter how light you pack that still gets heavy), you don't speak the language and something always goes wrong. So that's why we had to see how we felt before going out that night. Sometimes you need to stay in for a bit and recover your strength to properly enjoy a trip.

So once we were sufficiently recharged, which of course included coffee for Vicky, we went strolling around Old Town. To no one's shock, Prague is still gorgeous. And the weather was excellent for an evening walk. It was a great combination for us.

The next day, we decided to take the royal walk through Old Town up to the castle. Since I've described this in detail before when I lived there, I'll just post some recent pictures of it.

From there, Vicky wanted to see my favorite park in Prague, Divoka Sarka. I was happy to oblige her. A couple hours in the park had us ready for dinner and an evening off of our feet.

The next day, I took her to the far less touristy Vysehrad. The park built on the remains of an ancient fortress was just the quiet, slow trip Vicky needed. Her Achilles tendon was hurting her and extended bouts of fast walking would have been disastrous.  From there, we caught a tram to the park with the best view of the city, Letna Park.

After Letna, we spent the afternoon resting up before going out for a night visit to the river. This excellent decision helped Vicky feel better and us to see a small fireworks show.

Sorry it's blurry. I had about one second to get the shot

The third day was a chill day. We had lunch at one of my favorite places in Prague, the Pivovarsky Club. Then we dropped by a laundromat, lest we have no more clean clothes to wear. Sporting better smelling clothes, we picked up dinner and headed for our hotel.

Our fourth and final full day took us out to Kutna Hora. I wanted to visit my old work area and Vicky wanted to see the bone church. Both were accomplished. And yes the bone church is still as cool and creepy as always.

The next morning, we caught an early bus headed for Salzburg and the beauty of the Alps!

Random funny story. As I've explained before, old Czech men often don't bathe. The results are aromatic in the extreme. In plain English, THEY STINK! I had the privilege of sitting next to one of these gentleman on a train and it made me wish for a baby. Why, you ask? So I could hold the baby facing the old man when it spit up due to the smell. Then covered in baby barf, the old troll might have actually had to take a bath involving soap!

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