Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lisbon, full of old world charm

Our arrival in Lisbon began with an expected pattern. Early flight = little sleep, so we get to our hostel, check in and take a long nap. This was doubly necessary since I was sick.

With our needed nap out of the way, we began to enjoy the old-world charm of Lisbon. That evening we walked around its gleaming white streets and enjoyed a lovely oceanfront square under the stars.

The next day I actually felt worse but we didn't want to waste our only full day there. So we headed out to the tower of Belem and the monument to discovery. Both were quite beautiful as you can see.

After an afternoon nap that would make Grandad proud, we went out for dinner and a visit to the ruins of the castle of St. George that overlooks the city. Though a bit hard to find, it was fun to explore with great views. While trying to find the place, we met a US couple where the husband works as an animator at Pixar. Between him and the Google software engineer we met in Switzerland, it feels like half of Silicon Valley decided to join us in this trip.

The next morning was another crazy early flight. It was the first scheduled departure of the day at 6:30am. Fortunately I was feeling mostly better by this time, so the horrible hours weren't such a problem. That and this was our last early flight of the trip until it's time to go home.

And while the prospect of home sounds wonderful, now we got a chance to visit a canal-filled city that we actually liked, Amsterdam.

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