Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back to business (with a look ahead)

"Hi Luke. I´d like to excuse from next week lesson. The reason is I need to visit my neurologist. Michal"

Hi Michal. I understand. And you want to say "I'd like to be excused from next week's lesson" :)"

"It´s nice to have you back... :-) see ya. M."

This little email exchange brought a big smile to my face. It's nice to be missed :) I'm definitely getting back into my teaching groove. I've added another class with hopefully more to come. Now that Christmas is gone, its time to roll up my sleeves and really work (and maybe even save a little).

And in the only real news of the moment, i'm looking into possibly teaching a summer English camp somewhere in Europe. I'm secretly hoping to go somewhere in the Swiss Alps. I can't possibly think of a better place or way to spend my summer. I even found this one camp near the shores of Lake Geneva (i haven't even gotten in touch with them yet but i'm allowed to hope). Here are a few pictures of the place to help you understand the appeal.

Who knows what the future may hold. And right now, that's just the way I like it :D

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