Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to my other home

The air is cold, snow is falling and the schnitzel is abundant. I’m back to Prague! I had an awesome time during my visit home and I was actually a little sorry to go back. But the lure of a fascinating world just waiting to be explored was too tempting. So while I return to the Golden City, I have quick message and a funny story for you.

First and foremost, I want to earnestly encourage all of you reading this to considering visiting Europe during the next 8 months. Getting to see sights like this can be life changing and it will NEVER be as easy or cheap as right now when you have a free bed and a knowledgeable tour guide waiting for you. Tim and I have a fold out double bed in our couch and plenty of space in our apartment. In fact, part of the reason we chose this location is because it was very visitor friendly! I know how to set up cheap transportation within Europe if you want to visit other cities and would be happy to see anyone and everyone who can come. In short don’t think, just come to Europe!

I also wanted to pass along a funny story from my flight over to the US. As many of you know, my flight was delayed in Prague, I nearly missed my connection in Paris and was then delayed 2 hours more there. By the time I arrived in Houston it had been a long LONG day. As I sat down for my connection to Dallas (4 hours later than planned), a guy behind me began complaining loudly to no one in particular that he had been flying all day and he was tired of waiting aboard planes and so on. After 2 or 3 minutes of this, I turned around and told him “I know what you mean. My plane was delayed 2 hours this morning in Paris.” He looked at me funny and asked “where’d you start?” “Prague” I responded. “I left around 9:30pm central time (it was 7:30pm at the time). Where you coming from” I asked (yes I know my grammar was bad. I was dead tired, sue me). He got a sheepish and quietly muttered “uhhh Virginia Beach”. I didn’t say a word and after that, neither did he.

And now I leave you with a few pictures that summarize my wonderful Christmas break.

This is what the airport in Prague looked like when I left. Is it any wonder my flight was delayed?

My family playing in the snow

Christmas football

Golf in January. I love Texas!

Our golf guys

The Rosaleses and me :)

Great New Years party!

This picture should prove just how awesome this party was (for those concerned about it, no we did no actually give the dog alcohol. She just liked to lick the bottles)

Two of my friends, Catie and Ness. Both lovely and very sweet

My family (minus sis) eating dinner

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