Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the curious

Good afternoon from snowy Praha. In response to a myriad of requests (literally 2), I'm going to introduce you to just a few of my students to help illuminate how I spend my time (hint: its half in lessons and half in analysis and preparation). We will begin by observing the room where I teach 10 of my 15 weekly classes.

Not overly spacious but the window is nice. It can be quite cold in winter (thankfully i "borrowed" a space heater which really helps) but overall I like it :)

This is one of my first students of the day, Lucie. She's very sweet and very dedicated. She almost always does her homework and she makes the most of the one on one lessons the company provides her. She is a little shy and she lacks confidence in her speaking ability but she has improved quite a bit since I first started working with her. Her great attitude makes this one of my favorite classes to teach.

These two are David (left) and Josef (pronounce yosef, right). They are both talkative and fun. They enjoy speaking and aren't afraid of making mistakes. Like Lucie, they are intermediate students who can communicate easily enough but have trouble understanding fast speech and finding just the right words. Because of this, their lessons are more conversational and those are always fun (getting paid to talk with people. I thought only pretty girls could do that)

Finally we have David. He is one of my few upper-intermediate students. His conversation is good and he understands most of what he hears. We are currently spending half the class talking (because he uses spoken english every day and wants the practice) and half preparing for an exam that will certify his english level. This is important because higher levels of english open the door to very good jobs that are otherwise unavailable here. With lots of work and a little luck, we'll get him that certification before I leave.

For now not much else to report. Two of my best friends, Daniel and Amanda are coming to visit the first two weeks of April. My parents are coming in May and Tim's parents are coming in June. Overall, its shaping up to be a fantastic spring :D

And since more pictures are always better....

This is what it still looks like outside in front of our place

This is my bus stop at Kutna Hora. My path is clear.

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