Friday, October 29, 2010

Busy week

Two of my 5th grade students

"Rule #32: Enjoy the little things" -Columbus (not the explorer)

My life is slowly starting to find a rhythm here. Work keeps me busy but that's normal. At a taco dinner party my neighbor hosted I learned that nothing happens here during the week. Everyone works all day, then plan lessons and relaxs at night. Its only on weekends when this place comes alive. It certainly made me feel better about my situation.

School picture on the field trip

One of the hills near the top

Got to partially climb Mount Halla (the only mountain here) thursday. It was a blast. A moderate climb made more interesting by the company of my oldest students and some gorgeous fall foliage. We get about halfway to the top before we ran out of time and had to head back down. At the bottom I played games outside with the kids for a while after lunch and then we headed home. As a bonus, they dropped me off on the way back. So i got home 2 hours early :D

On the way down

Not camera shy

Friday I had my first kid that refused to behave and had to have his teacher called in to deal with him. Wasn't fun but it was definitely necessary. The class behaved well after that.

Saturday I was required to work at the International Fair on the south side of the island. In the Australia/New Zealand booth. Probably because I can do a funny sounding accent and the kids don't know the difference. Fortunately my "work" consisted of playing rugby and football with kids for several hours and talking to other expats the rest of the time. Overall it was a fun day and as an added bonus I got 2 extra days of vacation for doing it :D

The leaves were lovely on Halla

Today has been about simple pleasures. Watching the Rangers win game 3 in the morning. Having lunch with a fellow christian. And best of all, finding a source of Dr. Pepper!!!!!! Its the real stuff and its fantastic. One of my rules for life is enjoy the little things and that certainly applies here. My present joy knows no bounds!!!!

Two of my favorite nature pictures from the trip

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