Sunday, October 17, 2010

My new apartment (round 2)

"Ok, lemme esplain. No, is too much. Lemme sum up." (bonus points for anyone who can ID the movie this is from)

Things are happening quickly here. This is the cliff's notes version. Thursday I did a short interview (and apparently impressed them according to my recruiter). Then I went and climbed a small mountain next to the harbor which was very pretty and peaceful and is pictured above.

Friday I signed my contract. Basically I get paid better than most, thanks to my experience in Prague, and I have 18 days of vacation (and quite a few more for sick days if needed). I also went out with some people friday and met lots of other expats (expats if you'll recall are people living abroad like me).

Saturday I woke up early and went to play tennis with 8-10 other teachers which was amazingly fun :D. Then I came back and moved into my new apartment. Pictures below. 2 things were notable about that day. The internet was installed the day i moved in (thank you Lord) and my bed was pink. Details below.

Now clearly I couldn't sleep on this or I'd have lost my manhood forever

Fortunately, I brought sheets with me (whew! that was a close one!)

The view from my bed. Its a simple efficiency with a small tv, small fridge, microwave and one hotplate burner but its enough for me

Itty-bitty living space. Toilet (off camera by sink), sink, shower and washer (on right) all rolled into one.

My street. I living in the exciting part of town

Looking out my window. Kinda looks like the city disappears into nothing doesn't it?

Today I went shopping to get most of the stuff my "fully furnished" apartment was missing (silverware, plates, bowls, cups, cleaning supplies, pots, pans, etc). Tomorrow morning the actual teaching of elementary age kids starts. I have to admit i'm a little nervous but I think that's natural. And realistically, it shouldn't be too tough. After all, it isn't rocket science (they cover that in middle school)

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